Gender Reveal Color Powder Party Pack

Our gender reveal color powder party pack is the perfect way to turn your party into a holi festival!

Color Smoke Stick

We have new color smoke bomb fountain sticks that release colored smoke for about a minute. They are the perfect companion to your ultimate reveal.

Gender Reveal Balls

A lot of people are using our powder and putting it inside of baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, hockey pucks, you name it. It’s the ultimate DIY kit. You don’t want to make this colored cornstarch by hand, especially when it’s cheaper to just buy it from us.

blue smoke stick bomb fountain gender reveal

These colored smoke grenades make for some awesome smoke bomb photography


Holi Color Powder Glitter

We now manufacture a holi color powder with glitter in it. Just imagine a colored cornstarch shiny and that glimmers!


We have 10 colors to choose from and we have UV glow in the dark powder as well as new scented color powder.

Order Online

mica powder glittermica powder shinyholi powder glitter shiny

Order Holi Powder Online

Holi Color Mica Powder with Glitter for color runs and festivals.

Holi Festival Powder

The organic holi colors for sale online at is the same Holi festival powder used to throw on people at Color Runs. The Holi Festival of Colors has existed in India for many years but now you can buy the colored corn starch also known as Gulal Powder or Holi Powder but now it’s made in the United States and is called Hippie Powder™. They have wholesale color powder available for purchase in many colors and they even make glow in the dark and uv brands.

holi festival powderholi colors for sale

Tempera Paint Powder Bulk

You know that you can use tempera paint powder in bulk quantities for your own holi festival of colours or color run? Powdered paint chalk has been around for a while and while most people think that it’s colored chalk powder that is being thrown on people at the holi festivals and colored paint races, it is actually something that they gulal powder in India. The Indian gulal powder is made up of a bunch of stuff and is known to be toxic and unsafe for use by humans so avoid ever using any Indian made product. In the United States, they use colored cornstarch to make their very own “holi powder” or “color powder” and one brand of that is sold here under the name Festival Powder™.

tempera paint powder bulk

Polvo de Color

Hippie Powder tiene 5 colores que son los mejores en el mundo. El polvo de color que se usan para el festival de colores se hacen en Los Estados Unidos. El polvo holi de Hippie Powder es el mejor.

  • No Toxico
  • Biodegradable
  • No irrita
  • Fácil de quitar

polvo de color

polvo holi

maicena colorido polvo

Buy Wholesale Color Powder in Bulk

Looking to buy wholesale color powder in bulk? Welcome to Festival Powder™ the leading online supplier of premium USA made holi powder. We have the largest selection of wholesale color powder in the world with more colors to choose from than anyone else and the best part is that we make it all in the United States so you can trust that it doesn’t contain toxic ingredients like the Indian gulal powder is known to have.

USA Made Ensures that All Festival Powder is 100% SAFE!

Remember that this is color powder made for throwing into the air so it will be inhaled into the lungs. While it is never safe to inhale any type of powder, we make sure that ours is made with only colored cornstarch. You could eat this stuff and it would be okay but it would taste horrible so we don’t recommend doing so.

The Most Holi Colors Online

We have many colors to choose from and we can match any color that you want. This way you can put on a fundraiser and buy color powder in bulk to make more money for you charity or cause.

wholesale color powder holiwholesale holi powderwholesale_color_powder

Color Run Powder

The new category of running events that has gained popularity are called “color runs” and they all use color powder at their events to throw on people as they run by. While this is a fad that was copied from the Holi Festival of Colours in India, the races in America and all other parts of the world have been suing each other over anything they can think of to try to prevent competition. Thankfully the Festival of Colors didn’t sue any of the color run companies or millions of people around the world would have never had the opportunity to participate in one of these colorful events.

What is the Color Run Powder Made Of?

The color powder used in these events is made of cornstarch (which people eat in foods all the time) and food grade dye. Well, actaully we can only really say that Festival Powder™ is made of these safe ingredients because it is one of the only only ones manufactured in the United States. Never, never ever buy or participate in an event where they use holi powder from India! The india colored powder has been known to have a large list of toxic chemicals and is very unsafe for people to inhale and for the environment. Remember that only USA colored cornstarch is safe for these events. You will be inhaling this “colored chalk” so only buy American.

*Some people call it “colored paint powder” but there is no actual paint in the ingredients.

premium colored powder for color runs

Color Me Rad Powder

You have probably wondered where to buy color run or color me rad powder and the answer is at where they manufacture premium colored cornstarch for use at any Holi festival of colors, races, paint fights or other activities. Their holi powder is made in the USA and 100% safe. With the most organic holi color powder on the market, you can rest assured that it is safe to breathe in because it’s all food grade materials and dyes.
color me rad powder


Holi Color Powder Paint

The holi color powder paint made by Festival Powder™ is high quality gulal powder made for color fights, color runs and holi festivals. You can use it for any celebration you might have.

festival powder paintpremium festival powder


  • 100% cosmetic grade dyes
  • Cornstarch (which is edible)
  • Safe for grass, skin and hair.


  • USA made by food scientists
  • “Easy Clean” line in pastel colors is designed not to stain
  • Vibrant line for the deep bright colors (will stain better)

To order call us at 801-901-3975 between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain time.


paint color dust
It’s the high quality color me rad powder used in the color run.

Premium Colored Cornstarch Paint Powder

Festival Powder™ is the highest grade of premium color cornstarch powder used for Holi festivals and color runs.


  • Non-Toxic
  • Skin Friendly
  • Food Grade Ingredients
  • USA Made

Even though it is called paint powder, there color comes from food grade dyes that are safe for human consumption. But we don’t recommend eating it because it would taste awful. We pride ourselves on having very safe food grade colored powder that will wash off of your skin and hair easily.

Colors Available:

We have vividly bright colors

  • green
  • yellow
  • pink
  • blue
  • purple
  • orange

holi colored corn starch powder

See more about our color run and color me rad powder.